The growing evidence around the importance of an individual’s mental health in the workplace, and the effect it can have on performance, demonstrates the need for organisations to invest in their staff from a psychological perspective.

Mindflex provides many solutions to organisations to support their staff from a psychological fitness perspective. We do this in a way beneficial to both individual and organisational goals.

These include providing individual coaching sessions (up to Executive level), workshops, psychological wellbeing strategies, and/or Psychological Support Consulting.



Workshops are vital for educating people on the importance of psychological health protection, and general psychological fitness in the workplace. They arm workers with a solid understanding of the different aspects of mental ill health and psychological fitness, meaning they are in a greater place to actively take responsibility for keeping themselves psychologically fit.

Our workshops are motivating, not just because they are engaging and meet an essential need, but also because they provide simple insights into how our mind and body can work brilliantly (and sometimes not so brilliantly!) together, allowing us to perform optimally each day.

Without understanding the ‘why’ (“why does my mind respond the way it does to life?” i.e. the science of the mind), people rarely stay motivated to make and maintain positive change. This is why Mindflex’s unique, educational approach to psychological health is one that ensures science is at the heart of all our workshops.

The Psychological Fitness Series

  • Digestible live and online training training programme to enable the entire workforce to understand what psychological fitness is, the science behind it and how to build and maintain it
  • Includes a 1hr live immersion session, 10 pre-recorded Psychological Fitness Series videos and the Mindflex Lab pack of tools
  • Relevant for all staff at all levels
  • For more details, please read the below pdf

Mental Ill Health: Awareness & Action

  • 1hr or 1.5hr workshops that can be delivered online or in person
  • Helping staff and managers understand the importance of being able to identify mental ill health symptoms in self and others.
  • Clarification of pathways of support
  • Talking to others about their mental ill health
  • Relevant for all staff at all levels (workers and line managers/SLT options available)

Optimising Your Resilience

  • 5hr workshop (online or in person)
  • Provides a 3-step plan for optimising the naturally resilient brain.
  • ​Helps to recalibrate what resilience is and how to use it in everyday challenges
  • The science of your resilient mind
  • How to tap into and optimise your resilience resources

Building Habits in Mind

  • A practical 1-hr workshop (online or in person)
  • Provides a tangible habit-forming plan of action, which can be applied to any aspect of life but focuses on embedding psychological fitness into everyday life.
  • How to apply the action plan to breaking bad habits is also included
  • Relevant for staff and managers

Your Brain and Change

  • Provides a fascinating insight into how our brain struggles to cope with change (which is so relevant to everyone in times of flux and uncertainty)
  • Delivers participants with a useful and applicable understanding of the science of a mind that likes to hold on to the status quo and how to manage this
  • Provides practical and tangible ways to optimise a brain that has to exist in a world of ongoing change

The Compassionate Mind

  • Introducing the concept of the compassionate mind and how it contributes to building confidence, trust and empathy, reducing stress and building a happier workforce
  • The science behind your ‘tricky brain’ and how it is wired for compassion
  • Practical steps for building your compassionate mind potential
  • Relevant for all staff and managers

Leadership, Coaching & High-Performance Teams

  • We also work in conjunction with an affiliate organisations to provide leadership and high-performance team workshops including:
    • Leading From the Front
    • High Performance Teams
    • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Relevant to SLT and managers


Our expertise allows us to consult across existing psychological support services as well as work with organisations to develop a bespoke Psychological Fitness program for their staff. This is based on the ‘core’ and ‘gold’ standards recommended in the ‘Thriving at Work’ independent review of mental health and employers which is a benchmark of best policy and practice around mental health in the workplace (Stevenson & Farmer 2017).

This ensures education across the psychological continuum, (including relevant pathways for those requiring psychological support within an organisation), as well as advising on correct governance and procedural considerations to ensure a robust framework for delivery.