Vanessa is kind, compassionate and exceptionally knowledgeable. She helped me to unearth the inner strength and determination that I thought was lacking. Her warmth and understanding made the therapy sessions relaxing and enjoyable; I found myself looking forward to the meetings each week. Vanessa will make a huge difference to your life, not because she can, but because she wants to.

“Vanessa is a wonderfully gifted and exceptionally talented Psychologist who has fully supported and enabled me to recover from a catalogue of extremely traumatic events over a period of years.”

“Vanessa’s approach to my treatment has been so accurately bespoke on every level mentally, physically and emotionally. Whilst working together through a wide range of issues, including grief, trauma and chronic back pain she has consistently applied appropriate treatment methods with her usual precision, intelligence, flair and deep compassion. A mind/body treatment style totally unique to me. I am now pain free, calmer and more resilient than ever before.”

“I feel seen as a whole person by Vanessa and she ensures that our sessions adapt and flow with flexibility to match my present state. I feel full acceptance and held in full non-judgmental support, with the highest levels of empathy, trust, kindness and compassion.”

“Vanessa’s depth of insight collaborated with her caring, creative and fine-tuned approach has gently, over time eased my pain and suffering and restored all aspects of my sense of self that were lost to trauma. She has enabled me to not only heal and survive but thrive and grow in many different aspects of my life, including establishing and expanding my own business!”

“I now feel equipped with the tools to cope and maintain my new-found levels of self-compassion, grit and resilience! Thank you Vanessa from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad I reached out to you for help.”

I highly recommend Dr Vanessa Moulton. Vanessa is warm, empathic and engaging. She listens, as well as offering practical advice, tools and techniques tailored to the individual client’s needs. After a few sessions with Vanessa, I now feel happier, more grounded, more confident and full of hope for my future.

“When our daughter stopped eating last January and we were given a full medical diagnosis of anorexia we were heartbroken and didn’t know what to do. Luckily we found Dr Vanessa who connected with our daughter straight away and built up her trust and gave her strategies for dealing with certain situations and gradually over a period of 12 months helped her to rebuild her confidence and resilience. Dr Vanessa was amazingly understanding, compassionate and practical. With Dr Vanessa’s help our daughter’s attitude towards eating improved so dramatically that she grew 10cm this year and just before Christmas her cycle started. This Christmas we celebrated a fantastic Christmas dinner together with family: our daughter was confident, relaxed and happy and loved her food. We are so grateful to Dr Vanessa for restoring our daughter and helping her through such a traumatic time.”

“I was afflicted with social anxiety for what was essentially my entire life, and often felt as if this affliction was comparable to a curse. This was until I met Vanessa. She helped me discover that inner confidence –both for myself and towards other people– that I’d never experienced, has hugely contributed in rendering the previous effects of my anxiety worthless, and equipped me with the necessary tools to carry on in life after the sessions were over. All while being extremely professional, courteous and warm-hearted. It was a difficult journey overcoming my issues, but finally, I feel I’ve made it. Vanessa is certainly an enormous credit to the field of counselling psychology; literally have nothing but praise for her!”

“Vanessa is a skilled therapist who guides you to answers you may not have found yet. She is very supportive and realistic, and I achieved measurable results very quickly. I can highly recommend Vanessa to anyone who needs help with family therapy, personal goal setting and weight loss. Vanessa helped to realign my thought process to achieve goals I had been struggling with for years. Thanks Vanessa!”

“The time I’ve spent working with Vanessa has been life changing. I’ve experienced both her profound compassion and penetrating insight and she’s armed me with the tools to be able to continue my own psychological evolution and journey towards self-acceptance, long after we eventually part ways.”


“Vanessa’s considerable subject matter knowledge and obvious love for her work means she’s able to crunch a complex subject down into something digestible and easy to understand. She’s great on camera, easy to work with and keen to finesse her performance to get the best results.” Nick Dixon, Head of Digital at ‘Denhams’ (film and design agency)

I’ve had the pleasure of directing Vanessa on a series of shoots. Vanessa is incredibly comfortable on camera, warm, personable and very knowledgable. Her professionalism is of the highest calibre, meaning takes are often nailed first time – a directors dream! Vanessa also has a wonderful sense of humour, helping even the longest days on set to pass with ease. I greatly look forward to filming Vanessa again where I know the content captured will be perfect.
David Milnes, Director/Producer and owner of 2Create


“I chose to have coaching as I was unconfident in the workplace, struggled with being assertive and found presenting to large groups quite challenging.

The sessions were invaluable to me; they greatly improved my confidence, I am far more comfortable with presenting and I have learnt various different techniques to manage my inhibitions. Since receiving coaching from Vanessa I have been promoted, am taking on additional responsibility and am getting so much more enjoyment from my work.”

“Vanessa is incredibly personable, easy to talk to and put me completely at ease. Our sessions taught me how to better (and more productively) approach situations I perceived as intimidating or awkward, how to think about situations and interactions in different ways, and how to manage my nerves.”

“As a 55-year-old woman who had years of learned behavior and coping strategies that were to say the least, not the best, I worked with Vanessa at a crucial time for me personally. I have been able to take positive control of my life following my coaching sessions with Vanessa. It was an interesting and educational process for me to engage in and despite initial anxiety, I really looked forward to my sessions with Vanessa. Vanessa is very easy to talk to and she is empathetic and so I felt supported and comfortable whilst facing some challenging issues, I was also not allowed to procrastinate and that was a great thing for me. I am starting 2018 with energy and positivity. My family tell me I am much nicer to live with and they sincerely thank Vanessa too!”